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Live Whole Health #221: Gentle stretches for busy lives

For many people, moving the body can be difficult. For some, the demands of work and family might make it hard to find time to stretch during the day. For others, physical limitations—like being unable to stand for long periods of time or balance in certain stretches—might be a challenge.

Luckily, chair yoga movements—like this 23-minute gentle stretching routine—are a great way to enjoy the benefit of exercise. Follow along with Katherine Hillgren, St. Louis VA Medical Center yoga instructor and Whole Health coach, as she guides you through movements and stretches for your chest, spine and lower body.

If you are working at a computer, adding these movements into your routine while sitting may improve your flexibility and prevent the ills of sitting all day. Your joints, your muscles and your ligaments will thank you for keeping them limber even when the demands of work keep you from getting up frequently.

For those who are concerned about balance or haven’t exercised or stretched in a while, this practice can help get you going again. Supports used in the video—like using a towel to reach your lower legs—helps overcome movement challenges. For those without movement challenges, these supports make the stretches easier and deeper.

To learn more about yoga and how you can incorporate it into your own life, check out Introduction to Yoga for Whole Health. Or see how Whole Health and physical activity improved this Army Veteran’s well-being.

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