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Build a VA career caring for aging Veterans as a geriatrics specialist

Geriatric Veterans are our largest current demographic, with more than 11 million aging Veterans in the nation. It is a number that is only going to increase, meaning many more Veterans will be looking to us to provide geriatric care in the coming years.

Right now, VA has numerous openings for clinicians interested in pursuing geriatric medicine across all spectrums of care, including:





Occupational therapists

Even if your specialty isn’t in a clinical field, you can provide the kind of support our aging Veterans need in several other positions, including:


Information technology

Support services

No matter the role, what’s important is our shared commitment to providing the best care to some of our most vulnerable and complex patients.

“This focus on identifying what matters to our most vulnerable older Veterans and addressing their unmet needs and geriatric syndromes really makes a positive impact on their lives,” said Dr. Colleen McQuown, director of VA’s geriatric emergency department transition program.

Work at VA

From growing specialties to innovative training that can’t be beat, VA is rising to meet the need for geriatrics professionals, and we want you to join the team. Visit VA Careers now to learn more.

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