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Celebrating the one year anniversary of G.I. Bill’s Enrollment Manager

It’s been one year since Enrollment Manager became available to School Certifying Officials (SCOs) worldwide. This modernized system provides SCOs with a one-stop shop to submit G.I. Bill student enrollment certifications, seamlessly communicate enrollment changes, and ultimately help VA deliver education benefits to you and your families.

Serving those who serve you

Enrollment Manager plays a key role in education benefits delivery. It’s a comprehensive, user-friendly system that helps SCOs know which education benefits you’re using for your courses and allows them to certify your enrollments in minutes.

“My School Certifying Official helps me out with everything. Using the G.I. Bill… there’s a lot that goes into it that a civilian would have trouble understanding,” shared Ananya Green, a G.I. Bill student from Tidewater Community College.

We know the support you receive from your SCO is life changing. They are often your first line of contact for any questions related to your G.I. Bill benefits and serve as a constant throughout your education journey.

“I am here to help make sure that each and every Veteran and dependent gets the best service they can. That’s why I’m here, to give back to them and let them know that we care about where they’re going and how they end up,” said Edward “Ed” Sivells, an SCO at Tidewater Community College.

That’s why we worked with SCOs every step of the way to develop Enrollment Manager. We tested the prototype with SCOs and continued our commitment to provide world-class customer service as they got acclimated to the new system. It was our priority to support them so they could support you. Ultimately, the end result is a better enrollment certification system, which means better and faster education benefits delivery.

Over five million enrollments certified

In June 2023, VA reached one million certifications submitted in Enrollment Manager. As of today, that number has surpassed five million! VA had the opportunity to interview Sivells and he shared how Enrollment Manager makes completing tasks a whole lot easier.

VA Education Service

VA Education Service

Continuous improvement

As SCOs continue to use Enrollment Manager to support their students in their G.I. Bill journey, we’re making it our duty to check in with SCOs. Continuously seeking their feedback helps us improve the system’s features.

These improvements fit into our larger Digital G.I. Bill effort where we’ve made the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool more user-friendly and the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill application easier than ever. Looking ahead, we’re continuing to update the G.I. Bill systems that process G.I. Bill benefits. Looking for a way to compare benefits at VA-approved schools? Check out the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool. Visit to apply for G.I. Bill education benefits. Interested in keeping up with all things G.I. Bill? Follow the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill Facebook page for updates

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