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Challenge America offers a special Memorial Day message for Veterans & service members

On Memorial Day, we honor our fallen heroes and remember the sacrifices made by our Veterans and service members in defending our freedom. These individuals share a deep love and loyalty for our country and have sacrificially chosen to lay their lives on the line in a myriad of different ways to protect our nation. 

While we know that remembrance and honor should not ever be contained to a singular day, we do want to pause and thank each and every one of you for the service and sacrifices you have made to defend our freedoms. We are forever grateful for your choice to serve—we know this service comes at a cost—and although our recognition cannot fully encapsulate the gratitude we hold for your sacrifices, we want you to know they will never be forgotten. 

Today and every day, we honor our fallen heroes, and we honor you.

We know that today is a heavy day, as we honor, remember, respect and grieve those who have lost their lives in military service defending the United States of America. We reflect on those brave and selfless individuals today with solemn gratitude.

We would like to share a few words below from Challenge America Music Therapist Susan Bock:

Memorial Day in Perspective

“Today we celebrate Memorial Day, a day to honor our fallen heroes. Many of you have personal experience with fallen heroes. You lost your buddies. It’s an indelible memory that has impacted you. Perhaps you have survivor’s guilt that has impacted you going forward.

Memorial Day is a day that you can personally honor those fallen heroes that you knew. You can honor them by acknowledging their sacrifice and that you had the privilege of knowing them. You can honor them by moving forward with your own life, continuing what they would have done. You can honor them by taking care of yourself to be of service to others. There is a reason your life was spared.

May you be proud on this Memorial Day—proud to have served your country alongside all fallen heroes throughout our country’s history, from the Revolutionary War to today, serving to protect and preserve the freedom that our Revolutionary War ancestors fought to attain.

May you take time to practice gratitude for their lives and your life, and to be mindful of the gifts you have been given.

Music-wise, take in the patriotic songs that speak so well of the values we honor and protect as Americans. May you listen and sing with mindfulness and “new” ears as you honor our fallen heroes this national Memorial Day.”

Challenge America connects Veterans to resources, the creative arts and to one another

The Challenge America communities, CAVARTS and the Military Sisterhood Initiative, are filled with incredible people who have spent years in various branches of the military before returning home to civilian life. In the Challenge America Veteran Arts Community (CAVARTS), members bring their talents, passions and art together to create a vibrant and open space where arts are celebrated. In the Military Sisterhood Initiative (MSI), women Veteran members create a forgiving and friendly space where camaraderie and sisterhood are valued. We are always grateful to have these incredible people in our communities and look forward to a future where we can grow and bring even more programs to each community. Membership is free. If you are a Veteran or service member interested in learning more or joining, visit or and click “request to join.”

Challenge America connects service members, Veterans and their families to resources and solutions that build community and give purpose to their lives. To achieve this mission, the non-profit leverages innovation, the creative arts and community-building strategies. To learn more about Challenge America, visit the website or email Rhonda Schneider at rh****@ch**************.com.

It is an honor to serve the Veteran community and to cultivate a safe haven of art and camaraderie. Take special care of yourselves on Memorial Day, and remember that you are cared for and supported by a network of fellow CAVARTists and Military Sisterhood Initiative members with shared experiences.

Welcome to your local American Legion! We will no longer be open for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays.