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Congratulate VA’s new physician residents on Match Day

Match Day marks an important milestone in a new physician’s career, when medical students across the country learn where they will begin their residencies. Many new residents make their way to VA and not only practice medicine, but learn about our mission to serve Veterans.

“I just don’t see any profession that really tops what I’m doing. I’m taking care of the most elite Americans. The ones who have fought for this country, have lived to talk about it, and are now receiving the care that they have fought for,” said Dr. Lee Whitaker, medical director for the St. Thomas VA Clinic in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. “That’s what keeps me here. That’s what gives me strength.”

In turn, bringing your career to VA can provide access to unmatched student loan repayment options—as much as $200,000 in repayment—helping you significantly reduce the weight of loans and start planning for a debt-free future.

“These programs afford you the opportunity to focus on your education,” said Dr. Patrick Youngblood, VA Scholarships program manager, “so that when you come to VA you don’t have to worry about repayment of a large debt.”

Work at VA

Learn more about the vital role physicians play at VA, and the many benefits we offer, at VA Careers.

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