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Fresh Focus podcasts – National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. As we celebrate this year’s theme of “Beyond the Table,” let’s all take a few minutes to look at our plate, starting with the newest Fresh Focus podcasts.

Fresh Focus Episodes #77 – Sustainability Starting Tips

For National Nutrition Month, the team at Fresh Focus Podcast partnered with the Green Environmental Management System Committee, GEMS, to bring you information on getting started with being more sustainable by reducing food waste, eating more plant-based food items, and learning to cook and prepare more food in your kitchen. Jaime and Selena have great tips on how to start by looking Beyond the Table.    

Fresh Focus Episode #78 – Steps to sustainable shopping

Working toward being more sustainable is far easier than you think. Listen in as Jamie and Becca discuss easy steps to start with during your next grocery store trip. Try to purchase foods that are versatile, can be stored easily and foods that you can use in more than one way. Remember: It’s always a good practice to push older fruits and vegetables to the front to remind you to use those items first.

Fresh Focus Episode #79 – Easy ways to add plant-based protein

If you are looking at incorporating more plant-based proteins in your meals and snacks, listen to this episode as Shelby and Selena talk about some of their favorite recipes. Be sure to visit the Healthy Teaching Kitchen YouTube Channel to watch videos and find plant-based food items to try at home. You can have easy, delicious food choices while being more mindful on how they affect the environment. Check out the new VA Nutrition and Food Services Practical Plant-Based Cooking cookbook for simple, easy-to-find ingredients for plant based recipes.

Fresh Focus Episode #80 – Gardening and Composting

Eating a plant-based diet can provide both health and environmental benefits. Listen in as Jennifer and Becca talk about the benefits of gardening and composting. Composting offers a way to turn food waste into something that can benefit the environment. Consider starting your own garden. Gardening not only brings more plant foods into your life but can also be good for the environment and help your budget, too.

Fresh Focus Episode #81 – Tips on Reducing Food Waste

Listen in as Yaqutullah and Hillary share practical tips to reduce food waste and help save you money and time with meal planning. VA Healthy Teaching Kitchen provides numerous recipes and meal ideas to fit your taste preferences and nutrition needs. Have a plan to use up items that you have on hand that won’t end up in the trash as food waste.

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