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Help our teams reach their full potential with a leadership role at VA

Dynamic teams require dynamic leadership, and VA needs those qualities in our medical centers and facilities. Throughout the country, we’re hiring chiefs of staff who embrace our mission of service to Veterans and who want to have a positive influence on the landscape of health care.

“VA offers an excellent opportunity to show our reverence for our national heroes while we offer our care, expertise and talents in several different ways,” said Dr. Hussain Haideri, M.D., acting associate chief of staff of primary care at the VA Northern California Health Care System.

Working as a chief of staff doesn’t mean you won’t still have a hand in caring for our Veterans directly. You’ll still see patients and interact with your partners in the Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTs), letting you have an impact at the ground level even as you support better outcomes for your patients.

“Working for VA is a way to be a part of a dynamic team that has dedicated professionals who collectively strive to make a difference while we excel and grow in our professional capacities,” Haideri added.

Work at VA

Chiefs of staff have many responsibilities, but can also earn many rewards. Visit VA Careers now to learn more about this important leadership role and the impact you can have on our facilities.

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