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Human resources (HR) jobs at VA can have a huge impact on Veterans

As the largest health care system in the nation, VA’s human resources (HR) professionals manage numerous matters each day.  There are a multitude of ways you can contribute to the operations of your facility and, in turn, help us provide the care Veterans need.

“It’s not just a job,” said Heriberto Muñoz, the chief of human resources at the VA Pittsburgh Health Care System. “The role of human resources is to ensure that employees are taken care of, because if the employees are taken care of, then they can care for our Veterans.”

When you work in HR at VA, your expertise allows you to weigh in on many important issues, including:


Job classification

Compensation and benefits

Performance management

Employee relations

And if you want to specialize in any of the above, or something else entirely, there’s a path to get there at VA.

“The HR field is wide open, and you can go in so many different directions in HR,” said Curtis Raybuck, the supervisory human resources specialist at the Butler VA Medical Center. 

Work at VA

Visit VA Careers now to learn more about the important role HR professionals play in recruiting the best talent and contributing to VA’s mission of serving those who have served.

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