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Last Roll Call of Remembrance

At the last Roll Call of Remembrance held mid-March at Central Iowa VA, Des Moines, approximately 65 attendees, family members, caregivers, friends and staff filed into the medical center auditorium to honor service members who passed away during the preceding three months.

“Remembering them is the greatest affirmation we render.”

They were joined by more than 800 who watched on video through social media.

“We are gathered to celebrate not so much the death but the life of your loved ones,” said Chaplain L. Louise Bruce. “The brave men and women who served our nation in times of need. In remembering them today, it is the greatest affirmation that we render. In a time like this, our hearts are heavy, but we remember.”

Remarks for the solemn event were provided by Brent Pharis, associate medical center director, and a tribute was provided by Tracie Pinkston, director of the Veterans Benefits Administration Regional Office.

Bell struck for each branch of service

Additional remarks were provided by VA Chaplain Antonette Tom, Dr. Ann Touney, Chaplain Jonathan Whitfield and Chief Chaplain L. Louise Bruce. Musical selections were provided by Theresa Whitfield. VA Chaplain Michelle Guilford presided.

During the event, each branch of service was honored in turn and a ceremonial bell was struck to highlight the branch’s service members.

During the mention of each service, family and friends of a fallen service member were invited to stand: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard.

Individual service members’ names were not called out due to privacy concerns.

VFW Post 9127 supported the event with presentation of the colors and the folding of the United States flag.

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