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Live Whole Health #208: Unlocking relief

All day long our necks support the weight of our heads. The neck has a lot of flexibility, allowing us to look up or down and to turn side to side. When neck pain occurs, it may interfere with those movements and keep us from doing what we want to do.

Those who have neck pain may also feel muscle tightness, stiffness and/or headaches. When neck pain is present, we may want to do something about it. Self-care approaches like using ice or heat at home or stretching and rubbing the tissues of the neck might provide some relief from the pain. Consider adding this self-care acupressure routine to your toolbox when your neck feels sore or stiff.

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years to care for our bodies. By pressing on particular points on our body we can help loosen the muscles and relieve pain. Acupressure points for neck pain are not only found on our necks but also on our arms and legs!

Try this 11-minute acupressure routine with acupuncturist and nurse Laurieanne Nabinger, RN, from the Puget Sound VA Medical Center, in Seattle, Washington, to manage neck stiffness and pain.

By practicing this routine, you may feel ready to do it without the video. It is a portable skill that is always with you when you begin to feel discomfort in the neck. You may find using this routine regularly will maintain your neck mobility and prevent pain from becoming more severe.

Interested in learning more about acupressure and its benefits or other tips to ease the pain? Check out these other acupressure videos, the Whole Health and Pain Management podcast series, or the Whole Health Facility Contacts list to get more information about local Whole Health clinics, programs, services and more.

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