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Military Spouse Facts Sheet

Check out the Women’s Bureau’s Military Spouses Fact Sheet on for insights into  collaborative efforts with various sectors to bolster job opportunities for military spouses.

Key Points:

Objective: Our aim is to work alongside government agencies, private entities, non-profits, educational institutions, and labor organizations to foster increased employment prospects for military spouses.

Quick Stats:

92% of military spouses are women.
53% are part of the labor force, compared to 76% of the general population.
Unemployment rate stands at 13%, nearly three times the national average (as of May 2017).
89% have pursued some form of college education, with 30% holding a bachelor’s degree and 15% possessing an advanced degree.
Underemployment affects 31.6% of military spouses, many of whom desire full-time positions.
A significant portion (34%) work in licensed occupations, facing challenges in license transfer due to frequent relocations.

Concerns Addressed:

Difficulty transferring occupational licenses across states due to frequent moves, hindering re-entry into the workforce.
Apprehension regarding job commitment duration, influenced by the relocation frequency of their service member spouses.

Insights and Solutions:

Contrary to misconceptions, military spouse employment tenure aligns with the general population.
Collaborative efforts with the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) have led to initiatives like an online portal dedicated to military spouses, offering employment resources and guidance on license transfer.
Partnership with VETS facilitated the creation of the Military Spouse Interstate License Recognition Options interactive map, streamlining the process for military spouses to navigate license recognition across states during relocations.
Ongoing collaboration with various governmental and federal partners to expand job and career opportunities for military spouses.

Women’s Bureau Initiatives:

Conducted listening sessions nationwide to directly engage with the military spouse community and comprehend their employment challenges.
Established a partnership with the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), resulting in the launch of an online portal dedicated to military spouses, equipped with a plethora of employment resources.
Collaborated with VETS to introduce the Military Spouse Interstate License Recognition Options interactive map, simplifying the complex landscape of license recognition across state lines for military spouses.
Engaged with other departmental and federal partners to further enhance employment and career avenues for military spouses.

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