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Nutrition important part of Veterans’ Whole Health

With the shift to warmer weather, now is the perfect time to rethink old habits and begin some healthy changes. “Beyond the Table,” is the theme for March’s National Nutrition Month this year. It encourages Veterans to focus on how good nutrition can support their health.

Foods and drinks are important parts of your Whole Health. Choosing healthy foods and drinks can help you:

Reduce pain and inflammation

Manage weight

Control blood sugar levels

Increase gut health

Reduce symptoms of disease

Maintain or improve mood and behavior

Influence sleep

The mission of VA’s Nutrition and Food Services is to care for America’s Veterans with complete nutrition care based on science. With the help of a VA Dietitian, Veterans can learn how to choose nutritious foods to meet their long-term health goals. For recipes, videos, podcasts and other resources, visit the VA Nutrition and Food Services National Nutrition Month resource page.

Eat Wisely

The National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is VA’s primary source for healthy living education. In March, the focus is on the Eat Wisely message. Here are some ideas:

Follow a healthy eating pattern that is right for you

Choose nutritious foods and drinks that you enjoy, reflect your culture and fit your budget

Choose more vegetables and fruits, and stay within appropriate calorie limits 

Limit foods and beverages that contain higher amounts of added sugars, saturated fat and sodium, and limit alcohol.

Watch this short video to learn more about you can Eat Wisely, and check out fact sheets and more information here.

Veterans Canteen Service supports the well-being of Veterans, caregivers, family members and employees through cafeterias, coffee shops, retail stores and more. They care about what matters to you by offering a variety of food and beverage choices to meet your needs in a comfortable setting.

To see what is in store this month, visit: Food Courts – Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) ( or in person at your VA facility.

National Nutrition Month gives you and your loved ones a chance to practice healthful eating and physical activity habits, just in time for spring. Take advantage of all that VA offers to support your healthy eating habits, “Beyond the Table.”

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