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Veteran Kevin Dotts satisfied he chose VA

Army Veteran Kevin Dotts took time off work to drive up to Coatesville VA for his initial consultation appointment with his new primary care team, but there was a problem with his appointment.

The 26-year Veteran was regretting his choice to give VA health care a chance. But that wouldn’t last long. The nurse manager came out, listened to Dotts explain his frustration and went to see what they could do.

Dotts, who has multiple service-connected health conditions, was invited back to see his newly assigned primary care physician Dr. Arun Sirohi, who has worked at VA for 33 years.

“He went through my entire history, really checked me from head to toe,” Dotts explained.

“It makes sense to go through their background.”

Sirohi spent over two hours thoroughly reviewing Dotts’ records and asking questions during his initial consultation. 

“It makes sense for any provider to take a proper history, go through their background. That’s what I’ve always done. Anybody who comes here wants to be treated the same way. We have very complex patients. I rarely see anyone who has just one or two issues. They are not here to just be handed a prescription. They want to be treated for the real cause of their situation,” Sirohi said. 

At the end of the appointment, Sirohi scheduled Dotts for labs and bloodwork, along with a follow up appointment to go over the results.

Dotts (pictured above) has no regrets over choosing VA health care. “By the end of the appointment, I said ‘Doc, thank you. This has been a great experience. I’ll see you in 30 days.’ I’ve not had a bad visit with him since and I’ve seen him four times,” he shared.

If you are a Veteran or know a Veterans who has not yet applied for their VA health care benefits, learn how to get started.

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