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VHA’s Cincinnati region launches digital, remote health center

VA has launched the VHA Digital and Remote Health Center for Innovation (DRHCI). The center is based out of the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, with support from Veterans Integrated Service Network 10 (VISN 10). In collaboration with the Office of Connected Care, DRHCI will serve as a digital health hub for VA medical centers across the nation.

Impact on Veterans

DRHCI aims to improve Veteran care by reducing travel time for rural Veterans, improving clinical outcomes through remote early diagnosis and treatment, and offering more affordable options than in-person appointments.

“This center positions VA at the forefront of digital health technology with the mission of providing best-in-class preventative care for Veterans,” said Director of DRHCI Dr. Lindsay Riegler. “It allows us to systematically evaluate innovative digital health and remote patient monitoring solutions so that VHA can make informed, validated health care decisions.”

About the center

DRHCI is one of VHA Innovation Ecosystem’s five National Center for Innovation to Impact (NCi2I), and the first to partner with one of VHA’s national program offices, VHA’s Office of Connected Care.

“The center is an important part of our strategy to be leaders in health care innovation and to provide the best care to Veterans,” said Dr. Meredith Josephs, executive director of Connected Health in VHA’s Office of Connected Care.

To solve the most urgent health care issues facing VHA, the NCi2I initiative seeks to promote cooperation between partners and specific VA medical sites. DRHCI provides VHA with the chance for dynamic cooperation and will connect VHA strategic priorities with solutions that are scalable and sensitive to the needs of Veterans through collaborative efforts between VA, academia and business.

More National Centers for Innovation to Impact will be established by the VHA Innovation Ecosystem to leverage local innovation centers and create innovative solutions that allow VA to provide Veterans with access to high-quality health care.

Jane Johnson, executive medical center director at Cincinnati VAMC, said, “The DRHCI will be a central resource to help improve the implementation of new solutions throughout VA. It will offer solutions to Veterans and providers faster by streamlining navigation challenges and building infrastructure.”

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