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Voices of Valor: Transformative Journeys Through Veterans Treatment Courts

In 2023, Verizon and American University partnered to create and disseminate a publication designed to increase the public’s knowledge of veterans treatment court programs across the United States. Through this partnership, the “Voices for Valor: Transformative Journeys through Veterans Treatment Courts” was created to inform the public of the:

Existence and purpose of veterans treatment courts 
Experience of veterans treatment court participants
Importance and impact of veterans treatment courts
Ways to connect veterans and service members to these programs

Most notably, the publication highlights three veterans who participated in veterans treatment courts. Their stories are inspiring, addressing the challenges they experienced and how they overcame them with the support of these programs. 

More than 600 veterans treatment courts are operating throughout the United States. These problem-solving courts can serve veterans and service members experiencing a variety of legal and extra-legal (e.g., substance misuse, mental health) challenges. Veterans treatment courts welcome participants of all races, ethnicities, and genders.

Read the report here.

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