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Whole Health: Shifting gears to empower the mind

A map of directions to all of life’s answers is not something that can be found on the shelves for purchase. Vietnam Veteran Aaron Pepis knows this first-hand and has tried just about every option.

Sitting across from what he calls a “shrink” does not do it for him. He also found, after many chances, Tai Chi was not his cup of tea. This all changed when he gave Whole Health Coaching a shot. 

Whole Health does not just touch on moving the body, but the program explores the mind of Veterans, too.

The mindful experience partners with Veterans to inspire thought-provoking and creative approaches that maximizes potential. The journey empowers participants to make health-generating change that places them in the driver’s seat with their Whole Health Coach as the co-navigator. 

“I really have become a different person.”

Veterans learn about their habits, triggers and reactions. As they veer right and left with their co-navigator, they discover behaviors about themselves, as Pepis has experienced 77 years later, which he would never have otherwise. “I have finally bloomed. I really have become a different person and I am no longer the stubborn old sailor. Whole Health Coaching has allowed me to be more open minded, disciplined and [to] actively listen,” he said.

Pepis is pictured above with Tremeaker Gilbert, his Whole Health co-navigator at West Palm Beach VA.

As each road of the journey is passed in the rearview mirror, a new road is up ahead to travel. 

For Pepis, one of the paths that the power of the mind broke was a lifelong habit taught from a young age. From devouring a dozen donuts in one sitting as a response to emotion to now leaving the habit behind. With pounds down on the scale, he no longer is the first in line for donuts. He is now in control. 

“If you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know.”

“The people of Whole Health are absolutely delightful. Some providers just want to crank out numbers. This is different. It is about sharing, and I always come out of the session feeling better. If you want to grow you are going to grow. It is good for me and to me,” he shared. “Now, I’m pretty darn happy with myself. I was right in my thinking to be able to take advantage of what VA offers. I think one of the biggest problems, especially with most men, is that they’re not willing to try stuff that’s new. If you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know.”

The chance he took on Whole Health Coaching is the reason he now grins with true confidence in himself and is now unafraid of the road ahead he has yet to travel. 

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