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Empowering Veterans: The personal impact of VA health care innovations

For Veterans, accessing high-quality health care should be easy and convenient regardless of geographic location. Thankfully, VA is leading the way by bringing innovative personalized care to more Veterans nationwide, leveraging ground-breaking research programs and advancements in medical technology.

Over the past year, VA has dramatically expanded eligibility for care. For the first time, I now have the chance to ‘Choose VA’ for my health care. Thanks to the PACT Act, I and 3.5 million other Veterans gained eligibility for VA care in 2023.

If you served in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other combat zone after 9/11, you, too, can enroll NOW in VA health care.

Telehealth care for more than 2.4 million Veterans in 2023

In addition to expanding eligibility, VA delivered more telehealth care than ever in 2023 with over 2.4 million Veterans accessing VA services virtually. As Army Veteran Selina Meiners said, “Veterans like me should have access to health care whenever and wherever we need it, and VA is putting in the work to make that happen.”  

VA has long been a leader in health care research, holding three Nobel prizes and over 600 medical patents. Research initiatives like the Million Veteran Program (MVP)—one of the largest genetic research projects in the world—continue this legacy.

MVP is “Helping scientists make new discoveries about all Americans, and helped me understand my own health challenges,” said Army Veteran Henry Huntley.

VA’s commitment to innovation, accessibility and personalized care is transforming health care nationwide. Discover how VA is reshaping the landscape of Veteran health care and leading the way to a healthier future in VHA’s 2023 Annual Report.

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