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#LiveWholeHealth #207: Music for brain and body

Turn up the volume on some of your favorite songs—your brain and body will be happy! Music activates many of the brain’s regions and networks, and can support well-being, quality of life, memory and more. Add some simple movement to the mix and it creates an entire brain-body activity.

If you are interested in learning more about why music is good for the brain, check out this article from Harvard Health written by a VA physician: Why is music good for the brain?

VA offers creative arts therapies that help patients increase motivation to become engaged in treatment, provide emotional support for Veterans and their families, and create an outlet for expression of feelings.

Music therapists use clinical music interventions, such as active music listening, singing, playing, creating and improvising through various music modalities to accomplish Veterans’ treatment goals for their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social/emotional health and well-being.

Learn more about Creative Arts Therapies in VA.

Now, let’s get moving!

This Music and Movement exercise is an 18-minute video featuring Matthew G. Lloyd, a neurologic music therapist at the VA Central Iowa Health Care System.

Lloyd plays classic country music on his guitar while guiding the viewer through a series of warm-ups and a gentle set of exercises. This routine is designed for the core and improving lower body strength, endurance and motor control.

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