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VA Video Connect: Where convenience and quality care align

VA Video Connect (VVC) makes it easier than ever for caregivers to join the telehealth visits of the Veterans for whom they provide care. VVC is VA’s secure videoconferencing app designed to help Veterans and their caregivers quickly and easily meet with VA health care providers through live video on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

“Telehealth is a dynamic tool that gives Veterans access to the soonest and best care,” said Caregiver Support Program (CSP) Executive Director Dr. Colleen Richardson. “Providing the best care also means offering the caregivers who support Veterans a platform to collaborate with VA health care teams.”

During a recent 2023 survey conducted by AARP, half of the caregivers said caregiving increased their level of emotional stress, while more than one-third said it impacted their physical feelings of stress.

VVC can help caregivers lessen stress related to juggling busy schedules and appointments. In addition to providing quality medical care to Veterans through live video, the app improves health care access, especially for those who live in rural areas or have health conditions that make it difficult to travel.

How to download the VVC app

VVC can be accessed on nearly any device with a camera, microphone and internet connection through the link provided by the VA health provider. The session will launch automatically in the app after the session link is selected from the email invitation. No application download is required, but it is available in Apple and Google Play stores. If Veterans, caregivers or family members need assistance with VVC, they can contact VA’s Office of Connected Care Help Desk at 866-651-3180, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To learn more about the benefits of VVC, watch VA’s recent informational video. From providing telehealth services nationwide to offering private appointment spaces, VVC is here to help.

About the Caregiver Support Program (CSP)

CSP promotes the health and well-being of Veterans’ caregivers through education, resources, support and services. Every VA facility has a CSP team that provides valuable information about resources to help caregivers stay informed and supported as they support Veterans. More information can be found on CSP’s website and by contacting local CSP teams. To learn more, watch CSP’s SITREP podcast.

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