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VA’s Million Veteran Program celebrates Black History Month

VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP) has the largest group of people with African ancestry of any research program in the world. This Black History Month, MVP wants to thank Veteran participants from different racial and ethnic backgrounds whose participation is helping to improve the future of Veteran health care.

Ensuring Black communities are represented in health research

 Thanks to MVP’s diverse participant group, researchers are learning about:

How Black and Hispanic Veterans are more likely than White Veterans to be diagnosed with an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) despite similar levels of alcohol consumption. This research may help health professionals identify and reduce racial and ethnic bias in the AUD diagnosis process.

The association between cholesterol and the risk of kidney disease in individuals of African ancestry.

Newly identified genetic risk factors for chronic kidney disease in people of African ancestry.

Opportunities to improve breast cancer screenings and prevention among women of African descent based on a genetic breast cancer risk assessment.

A genetic screening test that may help predict prostate cancer in male Veterans from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Evidence that diabetes may be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease in Black populations.

Parts of people’s genes related to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are different between people of African and European ancestry.

Inclusivity is at the core of MVP

MVP is proud to work with the Center for Minority Veterans to reach diverse Veteran groups across race, ethnicity, gender and age. With nearly one in four MVP participants being from minority backgrounds, MVP strives to improve the future of personalized health care for traditionally underrepresented communities. Diverse health experiences make a positive difference in health research. By joining MVP, you can help ensure your community has a seat at the table.

Help make a difference for Veterans like you

As more Veterans from diverse backgrounds join MVP, researchers have more opportunities to understand how different military experiences and genetics affect overall health and wellness, helping to improve health care for Veterans of all backgrounds. Join more than 1,000,000 Veterans by signing up or calling 866-441-6075 to make an appointment at a participating VA facility.

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