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Ask these questions to ace your VA application

It’s only once every four years that we get an extra day in the year, so why not take advantage of Leap Day and finish your VA application. In fact, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you make sure you have everything in order before you click that “Submit” button.

Have you read the job announcement?

Is your resume ready?

Have you written a cover letter?

Are your references in order?

Did you proofread?

Seems simple on the surface, but each one of these items is an important step in the application process, which is why we’re taking the time to walk you through each of them.

We already know you believe in our mission of serving Veterans, so we’re sharing this advice because we want you to succeed in your journey to a VA job. As part of our team, you can take advantage of the great employee benefits we offer, including an incredible work/life balance and advancement opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Work at VA

Not sure if you have everything you need to make your VA application the best it can be? Visit VA Careers now to see the full checklist and read more about how to make your application complete.

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